I greatly enjoy doing historical researches, bringing long-forgotten past to life, also trying to invent such a design for a project, which will immerse a reader into the atmosphere of bygone times or amazingly-woven worlds of imagination. Moreover, unsolved mysteries are such a sweet-treat for inspiration, aren't they?

[ Projects related to England in one way or another ]

The Lady Godiva Festival/ Фестиваль Леди Годивы (2007)

Download in .ppt

A short presentation on the infamous English holiday, and a history, that lies behind it.
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Power Point.
Language: English

The mists of insidious Albion / Туманы коварного Альбиона (2008)

Download in .ppt

One of the most detailed guides on the English series of legends about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The project contains a lot of colourful illustrations, including the works by the painters of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, poetry and special-made clips.
Warning! For your comfort, there is a separate link to the clip collection.
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Power Point.
Language: English.

Neil Gaiman's “Coraline” / “Коралина” Нэйла Геймана (2008)

Download in .ppt

A short presentation on a book of a famous English writer Neil Gaiman, created specially for the talent contest «My favourite book». Also do not forget to check a special made clip and a collage series, dedicated to the dark world of “Coraline”.
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Power Point.
Language: English.

Henry VIII: the Curse of Tudor / Генрих VIII: Проклятие Тюдора (2009- until now)

A large-scaled and dearly loved project. This site is dedicated to the king of England Henry VIII, who was one of the most educated European rulers, an artful musician and a philosopher. However, to the whole world he is known as a Bluebeard of English history. Perhaps, you will change your opinion, having lifted the veil of history, which happens to be unjust to its heroes so often...
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver.
Language: English/Russian.

he Enigmas of Russian Tzars
[ A series of electronic textbooks ]

Александр I: Северный Сфинкс / Alexander I: the Sphinx of North (2007)

Тrailerъ|Download in .ppt

An heir of a Great Empire.
A throne, stained with his father’s blood, fell to his lot.
A victor of Napoleon.
He was loved and hated.
But no one knew his true face…
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Power Point. Language: Russian.

Павел I: Русский Гамлет / Paul I: the Russian Hamlet (2009)

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He was called the Russian Hamlet. In his youth he dreamed of tales about noble and merciful knights. Cold palaces turned into romantic castles by the power of his imagination. He was ready to fight with dragons, but failed to recognize his main enemy. And to this very day his death remains the darkest page of the history of the House of Romanov...
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Power Point.
Language: Russian.

Иоанн VI Антонович - 404: император не найден / Ioann VI Antonovich - 404: the Emperor Not Found (2010)

Download in .pdf | a demo version, presented as an article

In 1731 Empress Anna Ivanovna of Russia published the succession to the throne manifesto and appointed a future son of her niece named Anna Leopoldovna, who was only a 13 year old girl herself, as her successor to the crown. All subject of the Empire had to swear allegiance to that yet to be born heir. So the history of one of the most mysterious emperors in the history of Russia begins. Very soon the very name of Ioann Antonovich will be forbidden even for mentioning...
Language: Russian.

ut of the frame
[ Out of the rational division ]

История вычислительной техники / History of computing hardware (2006)

The debut project, that describes a development of the history of computing hardware starting from Stonehenge to IBM. Each chapter is an individual lesson, where, in addition to a new material, there is a section “Check Yourself” to secure received knowledge. The project is designed as an antique book. On the contrast of such things as a modern computer and an ancient parchment arises a sense of an endless history, full of mysteries and great discoveries.
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Power Point.
Language: Russian.
ulchy Games
[ The domain of illusions and riddles]

The Butterfly Hunter/ Охотник на бабочек (2013)

Download in .swf

Do you remember hunting for butterflies when you were a child? This humble game allows you to loose yourself into such a vintage pastime, never to mention a special 'history-dusty' design and musicbox tunes that add to the flippant mood.
P.s. It is my first serious attempt on flash gaming.
Used tools: Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator.
Language: English.
Little Mozart/ Маленький Моцарт (2013)

Download in .sb

You are playing for little Amadeus Mozart who is only yet to become the greatest composer of his century. To achieve fame you need to gather all 7 musical symbols, while avoiding the crust-baked crickets.
In order to play the game you will need the Arduino board with a potmeter, a tilt swtch and a FSR or simular sensors. Don't forget to change the values of sensors to suit your own ones (found on Arduno sprite). A potmeter (analog 0), a tilt switch (digital 2). a FSR (analog 1).
Used tools: Adobe Illustrator, S4A.
Language: English.
The Garden of the Bright Stones/ Cад Самоцветов (2013)

Online walk around

Warning! It's a raw version, ladies and gentlemen. Fairy's first 3d tryout, if you please.
In the severe and gloomy Ural exists a legend about the Mistress of the Copper Mountain. All the precious stones of underworld belong to her; the vast caves are her silent domain. According to the common belief, she patronizes miners and stone-cutters, especially those who possess vigor and fantasy, and may from time to time gift them with a stone of a wonderful pattern for their works. One part of her vast underground kingdom is The Garden of the Bright Stones.
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Unity 3d.
Language: English.